• lucero / lucine, aka luce

  • also go by   violet   or Vi if close

  • 21 yo , he / him , fae / faer

  • neutral & fem nouns

  • butch lesbian ,   genderfluid  

  • latino , pt-br / eng ( ele/elu )

  • enfp 4w5 + 479 , sagittarius

in love w/ this girl

everything that's aesthetically pleasing. stationery. music & vocal performance. bullet journals & journaling. animals ( esp. cats and rabbits ). sanrio stuff ( mainly kuromi, cinnamoroll & pocchaco ). all types of whimsical & girly media, esp. magical girls. the colors pink, purple & blue. shopping. spring. introspective media. heavy worldbuilding.
present in
tumblr: bunnyheaded
twitter: bnuuycoded
insta: truesonnet
sailor moon. the lion king. vocaloid. genshin impact. ever after high. rwby. monster high. ace attorney. honkai : star rail. punishing: gray raven. arcane. star guardians. everything surrounding the league idols verse. neon genesis evangelion. the owl house. winx club. pandora hearts. kagerou project. persona. beastars. revolutionary girl utena.

i prefer to not do your standard 'do not interact' practice because i always end up missing one thing or the other & those who i truly wouldn't want interacting usually wouldn't be fazed by some text.
with that said, i try to be as cordial as possible on all environments i'm in and i really don't like wasting my time on what i perceive to be pointless fights.

i use tone tags & i appreciate them being used if something is at risk of being taken ambiguously! however, i advocate for them being used at one's leisure and only if they feel necessary.
if a person wants tone tags to be used, i will abide by their preferences. i think discussing whether they're useful or not is pointless as it's much easier to just strive for others' comfort.

i won't look back, with my sailor eyes! reaching out to you, with my sailor wind! this song is the guiding light of the stars ... i won't give up! to tomorrow, a sailor yell! for sure, i will find it! the sailor star! with the wings of an angel, i will fly!

* selfhoods .

don't care about doubles, these are just for fun! i may be a little abnormal about them, though. don't ask unless you want to turn me into the yapper.